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Why is the golf cover set expensive?

Most brands are saying to provide you with the best golf products, but smart customers actually know that the value of the product is based on the materials and workers' costs and transportation costs. Finally, the aircraft with the ads promotion is paid to the consumer.

No good goods n. Cheap. This is for normal non-festival promotions, or when a brand is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the price has become a secondary factor.

Undoubtedly, the design of a product is its soul, the cost of white paper is the same, but with the designer's day and night depiction, the market personnel's suggestion to modify the customer's psychology has become an embroidered master. Referring to the sample layout, the design artwork is essentially a piece of paper, but the price really accounts for 30% of the value of the product.

It takes a lot of time to select leathers of different thicknesses and durability. In many sewing industries, the sewing of caps is probably the most demanding.

The golf head cover trimmed to match the first wood, hybrid wood, fairway wood, putter, large semicircle, small semicircle size, embroidery different complexity patterns, workers then choose different breathable waterproof lining, fine, edging Lines must not be redundant, the lines must be neat, the embroidery must be patched, there must be no leakage, or it will be counted as a defective product.

What you see is just a golf cover. Actually, it has experienced at least 10 different job tests and efforts, after dozens or even hundreds of processes. A very experienced embroidery worker can only make 20 complete embroidery a day, which is a valuable value for the cap.

But bigteeth caps, only give you the right price, give you the most sincerity, the best quality, go pick it, pay attention to social media, contact us if you need some help.

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