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Big Teeth has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing unique products that are exclusive and special for clubs, resorts, organizations, small and large groups.  


If you have questions please send us your artwork and we'll get busy making your special covers.


We offer golf headcover for every style of play and every type of competitor.

bigteeth-custom yourname black-blade-woo

Custom Paddle Program Description:

Customize your own golf headcover. You can customize the majority of it. You choose what material of leather, pattern, crafts, shape, color.. etc. The concept is: you build your golf headcover how YOU want it. This fee can fluctuate depending on the complexity of the graphic design.


There are millions of possibilities, so choose whatever you want and we will gladly help bring your product to life.

Use of trademarked or copyrighted images and logos are prohibited unless you are the brand trademark/copyright owner.


If you are having trouble with a design or want something more intricate, please contact us and we will help you design a custom golf headcover.

Contact us with your design ideas or questions.

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