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The weight of pickleball paddle is important

For a beginner, maybe you have been using cheap wooden pickleball paddle before, think that the heavier, the control and the distance you can hit can be farther. If the pickleball racket is good, you must judge different tips just like sizes, thicknesses, design style, materials, and exercise habits in court.

Just rely on others to recommend, unless you are twins, you still have to look at the strategies and experiences we write. The lighter you go, the more expensive the paddle (usually).

Weight options: Weight 6-6.9 ounces, medium weight 7-7.9 ounces, and weight 8-12 ounces.

This is a rough estimate. You should not torture your wrists when you are not doing other experiments.

Within the budget of $40, you can choose a lot of rackets and the quality and weight are very good. The bigteeth pickeleball price point is far better than sporting goods store or general retailers. A superior value.

Medium weight, handle size larger than the average racket thickness. From our own main research, we have tested more than 1,000 weights and framed paddles.

Considering various scientific factors, we believe that 8 ounces can achieve perfect balance and the most efficient use of cost. After a compression test of different materials, eventually formed bigteeth. Our pickleball paddle with leather wrap grips, very light, 10 and 8 year old children handled them with no difficulty.

Some customers commented that it was used for one month, and after cleaning it outdoors every day, it still looks very new. In addition, there is a paddle cover package. Is the professional athlete you are right, or can it be used as a gift?

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