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The reason why the custom golf head cover is expensive

Recently, Emma has just assisted in a custom golf head cover order, wood head cover & 3-wood, 5-wood, Utility, and Square mallet putter .

Guess how much about 5 pcs golf cover? It is secret that can't say. The custom range of it is in 250-300$, an average of 50-70/pcs. The price is depend on the complexity of the process.

In fact, there are hidden in every step you can think of. The mass production of mineral water and specialized tea art performances in the assembly line, hand-made golf cover vs machine-pressed for one second shipment, naturally double the value.

The price of the champion's green jacket and the green jacket produced by the same manufacturer can be a brand effect. Returning to the essence, the jacket is not the same. It is used to wear the same material. The bigteeth custom golf cap is only one-tenth the price. . There are also signatures of your favorite stars and posters that have been copied in batches. Wow, I can really tell you the opposite.

In fact, the essence of products is materials, crafts, brands. In order to develop the brand for a longer period of time, it is natural to use the best from the hand to feel the wear resistance. In terms of craftsmanship, the embroidery of the customized cap, or the printing, the computer graphics must be re-drawn, and the stitches of each pattern are computer graphics. Need a hook flower on it. The mold is not new, the price will not be too expensive.

The customer is contacted by us via email. He asked directly whether he could give the logo of the team he liked. The color of the embroidered pattern is very large. It is necessary to give the design drawings and put the patterns on the caps to look good. All of them need experience. It happens that our operators have 6 years of work experience. So after the communication, I ordered an order for 2 caps. After a week, the customer contacted us and hoped to do a full set, which was a relatively large order. Our customer service staff will definitely satisfy you, giving 3-6 design drafts and different color schemes.

In fact, bigteeth is certainly not the most famous, but it is definitely the best quality at the same price. Or the price is lower under the same quality. Do not believe you can ask, the closest thing to you is to click on the mail or facebook to find us to talk, half an hour out of the design draft. Received a custom personal golf club head within 25 days, bigteeth is professional.

. In the early days of a brand, there will be a lot of discounts for customers. Welcome to the kol with fans, we can carry out some business cooperation.

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