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Pickleball 3 Humorous expressions in material

Are you the one who loves Pick, or are you confused about the small yellow plastic ball called the Kimchi ball? Why do people who don’t even love sports like it?

nomex, polymer, honeycomb, aluminum, composite, fiberglass, graphite, carbon fiber. In fact, apart from the procurement staff, we only watch from the outside that the materials can make choosing a paddle difficult, You only need to know the pickleball feel, grip length, thickness, weight, price 5 points are enough.

First touch: If you are a power type, then you need to choose a bigger weight. You must have heard it. It is actually wrong.Due to process modern pickleball paddle technology, graphite, carbon fiber, and polymer aramid have the potential to provide high power.

Don't choose the wrong one and miss some of the better-looking temps, like our lollipop style. You will get more attention in the court.

The length of the second grip, like the Chinese people take chopsticks, likes to be particularly long, and likes just good. The length of the grip of the racket is not clearly defined. Basically, if you like to play tennis, you are more suitable for a grip that is thicker and longer. For badminton, it corresponds to a slightly shorter grip. Through customer feedback, the recommendation is 1.3 times the length of the palm will be comfortable

At the third price, you can buy a very good paddle at a reasonable price. Whether it's an online Amazon store or an offline store, $30-$60 is enough for beginners. To be clear, if you buy something like design or brand, there are a lot of small designs that attract everyone's attention on the court at the same time, or the difference between using a big brand and not being good or bad. In fact, just be yourself.

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