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Improve golf head covers detail

Hey, man, the golf head cover you bought on Amazon is because it’s fun, it’s convenient sets, or a special pattern, an adjustable tag.

I believe the reason why you become an regular customer with a brand just get what you want. After buying our bigteeth golf putter head cover once, you will continue to come to buy other pattern, the quality is really perfect. The same factory supplies for Callaway and Ping brand.

In addition to the brand effect, our bigteeth brand is positioned to be younger and more energetic, from pure color to pattern golf head covers and the new mesh iron head cover are not only suitable for the price, the spirit of the apperance, will decorate your golf cart and dress up the staff bag.

In conjunction with our quality inspection directors returning from studying in Japan, the high standard 21 requirements, leaking pinholes, and cable heads are not allowed.

In the hands of workers of 6 years of service, only perfecct products could be produced. Then what to do if there is a problem with the new product sample, the solution is bold test, 3-5 times, the confirmation is correct, the position of the magnet changes, more durable, and the suction is stronger.

1 magnet buckle, using N40 is the strongest magnetic force,after the appropriate magnetic treatment before use, is 5 times the magnetic force of ordinary magnets, the overall cost is 1.5 times that of ordinary magnets. The longer the use, the stronger the magnetic force, the ease of use, and no damage to the shaft.

The number tag, after changing the shape, finally established two rotatable hangtags, more details are the sense of use: each rotating screw tag uses a very fine needle to drop 2 drops of lubricant, making the rotation easy. The Arabic digital printing heavy industry has clear numbers and can't be scraped.

Super soft / crystal super soft (3mm, 5mm, 7mm; not as long as possible), feel good, smooth, easy to take, protect the ball head, absorb water. At the same time, pay attention to the mildew phenomenon, soak in water or snow, and then ventilate and dry in time.

Problem 1, the quality of the Velcro, not sticky (spinning, used for a long time), misaligned, there is a running phenomenon

A: From the Velcro raw materials, only the A grade, the stitching position, the length and the width are continuously adjusted. The testing department will keep a new physical assessment every month, and the quality inspection department will check 18 times. If there is a quality problem, it is not artificially damaged or Hook damage and other non-product quality problems, send the product again for free, and adjust the company's purchaser accordingly.

Problem 2, the magnet is not magnetic enough, there is a running phenomenon

Answer: At present, the fixed area has been sewed, and the magnet of N40 or above is used. The magnetic is stitched after the special device is processed, which greatly solves the industrial problem. The new magnet will wrap a piece of paper, please take note of the strip. The longer it is used, the stronger the magnetic force. Pay attention to the custom lining. It is not recommended to use too thick and too thick, which will affect the use of the magnet and be blocked.

Problem 3, the same product leather, the feel is different from before.

A: Due to the large number of leather goods partners, the leather itself is not suitable for hoarding. After 1 year of storage, the color and thickness tightness will be damaged. The factory/brand will not use the raw materials and will only select the production date within the last six months. The fabric is more wear-resistant, the texture is more natural, and the color stays longer lasting. Wear resistance is the first choice for purchasing personnel to choose leather. Please understand that there are slight differences between different batches.

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