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Custom Paddle Cover or Bag

All paddle cover and bags are completely customizable and company logos can be stamped, sewn, or screened onto every product.

Custom Paddle Cover 

Paddle cover

The wide mouth of the paddle cover makes it ideal for pickleball paddles of all sizes and the right-side zipper provides convenient and easy access.

Dimensions: L 10.63 * M 8.86 inch

Material: Neoprene

Logo craft: Painting

Color: Black/OEM

Minimum Order Qty: 100 PCS / Item


Custom Paddle Bag

Paddle carry bag

This paddle bag can hold up to 2 paddle. Bag features a nylon strap with plastic clip to adjust fit for any length paddle. The Strap comes in at 1.5 Inches Wide and is Fully Adjustable Up To 40 Inches from Hook to Hook.

Dimensions: L 17.7 * M 10.24 inch, Thickness: 3 inch

Material: Nylon

Logo craft: Painting

Color: Black/OEM

Capacity: hold 2 paddle

Minimum Order Qty: 500 PCS / Item

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